Abu Dhabi Islamic Financial Services (ADIFS), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, has introduced a new online trading platform that enables investors to trade in shares of Shari'a-compliant companies listed on UAE stock exchanges.

The investors can access the new platform at www.adib.ae, by clicking on ADIFS E-trading.

According to the ADIFS, stocks of over 40 Shari’a-compliant companies can now be traded by opening an account and accessing the company’s website via free access to investors in the UAE.

ADIFS general manager Khaled Kurdieh said that the new trading platform, gives investors online trading access to UAE stock markets through a single account.

“They will be able to research and trade Shari’a-compliant stocks and receive live updates of stock price data and stock charts on the portal. Clients will appreciate the advanced, one-stop portal that provides them with a consolidated view of their portfolio through a single window,” Kurdieh said.