Absa Bank, the South African subsidiary of Barclays, has launched SA Travel Card, a prepaid card, for international visitors and the card is supported by Visa.

According to the bank, once money is loaded onto the SA Travel Card, it will give cardholders instant access to cash from any ATM across the South Africa, and will allow them to pay for goods and services wherever the Visa logo is displayed.

The card will be valid only in South Africa but the remaining balance on the SA Travel Card can be converted upon departure into the visitor’s currency of choice at any one of the Absa Bureaux de Change.

Mutsa Sibanda, head of debit and prepaid card consumer issuing at Absa, said: “The SA Travel Card is as good as cash in the hands of international visitor. There’s no need to carry loads of cash, as the card allows the visitor to use it everywhere in South Africa as a means of payment.”