Dutch lender ABN Amro has launched the first credit card targeting the non-resident Indian community in the United Arab Emirates, in association with MasterCard Worldwide.

The card has been designed specifically for expatriate Indians to help enhance their lifestyle by providing features to offer recognition, value and convenience to this client segment.

Commenting on the launch of the card, Jim Brown, ABN Amro’s head of consumer client segment in Asia, said: The introduction of this product is a result of extensive in-house research on the changing lifestyle and continued success of non-resident Indians (NRIs) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This strategic initiative is part of ABN Amro’s continuous pursuit to innovate and provide cutting-edge, differentiated, products, targeted at various segments of the market.

The credit card offers a number of services, including free monthly money remittances and life insurance that offers protection for the cardholder’s family, along with a host of India-specific redeemable benefits, such as free domestic flights on Kingfisher Airlines, rent-free mobile SIM cards and dining discounts at select premier outlets in India.

Denzil Lawson, general manager of MasterCard Worldwide ME&L, said: MasterCard is pleased to have collaborated with ABN Amro to launch this card that provides valuable services to the NRI community in the UAE. This collaboration with ABN Amro is an example of how MasterCard works with customer banks to develop secure, convenient and rewarding payment solutions. At MasterCard, we are committed to the ongoing support and development of new products and services that meet the needs of consumers and their evolving lifestyles.