3VR Security, a provider of intelligent surveillance and search services, has partnered with Diebold, a provider of integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services, to improve financial institutions security by linking ATM transactions to surveillance systems.

3VR Security has integrated with Diebold ATM platforms which offers security personnel with visibility into ATM activity, enabling them to immediately access surveillance footage based on transaction number, time stamp and many other vectors.

The new partnership is expected to help financial institutions with a new solution that helps in cracking down on ATM and other types of financial fraud.

With the integration, banks can instantly cross-reference ATM transaction data with security video footage while leveraging 3VR’s advanced analytics like facial surveillance and license plate recognition.

3VR, Diebold claimed that the integration features include: investigations by correlating transaction and video data, making it easy to find footage of a specific event by simply searching for a transaction number and other fields; perform more targeted, customized searches using multiple data fields or ranges; and search through an archive of video data in order to identify patterns and repeat offenders with 3VR SmartStorage.

Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR, said: “We believe it should be easy for security personnel to immediately find the video footage they need. The benefits to investigations in terms of time and accuracy are so important — it’s the difference between catching the bad guy and not having any idea who he or she is. Our focus is on designing solutions and integrating them with other offerings so that customers can deploy them easily and get real value from them right away.”